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FROM THE DESK OF: Lynn M. Heberling

I am writing to recommend the services of Waterforce Irrigation & Pump Services Inc. I have been using Waterforce Irrigation & Pump Services Inc. for irrigation and pump work over the past years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer very competitive rates. I'm happy to recommend the services of Waterforce Irrigation & Pump Services Inc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Lynn M. Heberling, CAM
Elliott Merrill Community Management
835 20th Place, Vera Beach, FL 32960
772-569-9853 Phone
772-569-4300 Fax
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Island Home Care Consulting

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tim Ellison for the past five years. Because of the close working relationship of our respective fields (irrigation and landscaping/nursery), we have contact on a near daily basis.

During the years of our acquaintance, I have come to admire Tim's excellent rapport with his clients and the obvious respect that they have for him. Tim is intelligent, organized, efficient, and extremely capable. Above all else, he is as honest as he is dedicated. It is a true pleasure to work with Tim, I am always pleased when we get the opportunity to do so as I know my job will run that much smoother.

I am honored to say that besides having a working relationship with Tim, I can truly call him my friend. He has helped me on both a professional and a personal level. I would recommend him, without hesitation, for whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Should you wish any further information, please feel free to contact me.
Charles P. Hmielewski

FROM THE DESK OF: Scott Wallace

Tim Ellison of Waterforce Irrigation & Pump Services has been a pleasure to work with. Tim and his crew are very knowledgeable in handling of our irrigation system. They saved us several thousand dollars by replumbing a faulty existing system left behind by the developer. Tim and his crew are always very prompt in responding to service needs and have gone above and beyond to serve the residents of our community. I can strongly recommend Water Force as an excellent irrigation company.
Scott Wallace
Board Member

Native Green Pest Control & Fertilization

I am the owner of NativeGreen Pest Control and Fertilization, LLC and have worked with Tim Ellison, owner of WaterForce Irrigation and Pump Services, for over 7 years. We have worked together on several hundred different commercial properties both large and small.

I have found that the key to any working relationship is communication and this is especially so when working with the landscape. Proper irrigation is the #1 factor in the success or failure of the landscape and the fertilization programs and communication with the irrigation company has to be solid.

Tim is extremely conscientious and very in tune to the ever changing needs of the landscape plants and turf and I have found Tim to be very proactive to his approach when managing the irrigation. His crews are very prompt to inform someone of any arising issues that need attention, well before they become major issues.

He is a great partner to have in the greens industry as well as a maintenance contractor for any community. His knowledge of systems and plant needs far exceed any other irrigation company I have worked with in my 20 year career.

I would strongly recommend Tim and his company for any irrigation maintenance contract.
Dennis Schwentner

Orchid Island Irrigation

I have known Tim Ellison since January, 2003. During that time, his personal and professional behavior has always been above reproach. He sets a high moral standard and lives up to that. He does not agonize over decisions of character, but instead evaluates the situation with excellent skill and lives up to very high standards. It doesn't matter whether it is an easy or difficult task; with Tim, right is right and error is rejected. Tim always chooses to be a man of integrity. As a business owner and friend, I was, and still am, proud to work with Tim any time, in any circumstance.
Bradley S. Ashley
Orchid Island Irrigation
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FROM THE DESK OF: Jann Neufeld

The Preserve of Vero Beach, is a 145 home gated community, and has had 3 irrigation companies service both our system and our homes irrigation systems in the past 8 years. After finding Wateforce Irrigation last year, all of our problems have disappeared. Tim Ellison has outstanding quality and service. Waterforce is prompt in response and courteous.

The crew is friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. In dealing not only with the Board of Directors, our Property Manager and our homeowners on a personal level, we haven't had any complaints. Being one of the few persons who is on the frontline with the homeowners, we have been blessed with Wateforce and my job has definitely been made much easier. Thank You Wateforce and Tim Ellison.
Jann Neufeld
Secretary of the Preserve of Vero Beach

Majestic Oaks HOA

We have used Water force Irrigation for our community irrigation services for for the past 3 years. Monthly maintenance and repairs are always done on time and in a professional manner. More important, Mr. Ellison is an honest trustworthy individual with a tremendous depth of irrigation knowledge coupled with common sense solutions that you can rely on with respect. He is always available to assist with improvements and emergencies
Richard Joslin
Pres. Majestic Oaks HOA, Vero Beach, Fl

The Preserve of Vero HOA President: Jack Turbitt

The Preserve of Vero has used Waterforce for the past 2 years. Tim Ellison, president of Waterforce, has been fabulous. He has maintained the entire irrigation system of the development which includes the monthly maintenance of 143 homes. He has always conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner. He returns phone calls promptly and is never too busy to talk to homeowners about any issues they may have. We are very fortunate to have Tim and Waterforce and would highly recommend the company.
Jack Turbitt
President HOA
Preserve of Vero

McKee Botanical Garden

As the Director of Horticulture of McKee Botanical Garden and the Owner of a Garden design company, I can attest that the role of an irrigation company in irrigation design, maintenance and problem solving is integral in the successful outcome of a garden. Being from the “Show me State” I base my judgments on the outcome of the project not just word of mouth. With that in mind, I can say with great confidence say that Tim Ellison of Waterforce Irrigation and Pump service leads an outstanding irrigation company. Waterforce has been timely, efficient and competitive.

Working at a botanical garden often requires shifting of schedules to accommodate patrons and Waterforce is often on site before and after hours to complete projects. Tim also spends the time to inform/educate me (so I can make wise decisions) and work within limited project budgets. Waterforce is not just a contractor but, has become a partner in implementing the gardens goals. Even in non-irrigation projects, as when I was in dire need of man-power to complete the opening of an Art exhibit and he sent his crews after hours to support McKee Botanical Garden. Thank You, Tim Ellison.
Andreas Daehnick, M.S. Certified Arborist.
Director of Horticulture and Research, McKee Botanical Garden.

Coburn & Company

My name is Debra Coburn, I am the owner and operator of Coburn & Company, a licensed property management firm and have had the opportunity to work with Tim Ellison of Waterforce Irrigation for approximately five years. I currently use Waterforce exclusively in the communities I manage. As anyone knows in the management business you are only as good as the contractors and /or vendors that you contract with, Tim Ellison with Waterforce has always made an outstanding impression and excels in his irrigation knowledge.

I am writing this letter of recommendation based on our professional association over the past years. I have always found Tim and his staff to be honest and straight forward in their approach to the job at hand and the operation of his business. Tim has demonstrated a high degree of integrity and professionalism in his work and with his associates and has carried out his obligations with vigor and resolve. He believes in giving an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and has always gone above and beyond expectations. He will certainly be an asset to any group with which he associates and works with. I would recommend him without hesitation or reservations. Should you have questions I can be reached at (772) 299-7966.
Debra Coburn, LCAM
Coburn & Company
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FROM THE DESK OF: Patricia Novak

I am currently President of Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association. I have had the privilege of working with Tim Ellison of Waterforce on many occasions. We have worked together on timer relocation and irrigation issues. Tim has made himself available when emergencies arise, no matter what time of day. He presents his knowledge in language that the layman can understand, when explaining the work our community requires. He takes the time to explain what he feels is best for the community at a reasonable cost. His work is always completed in the estimated time promised and the quality of the work is above reproach. Working with Tim is always a pleasure as he has always been kind, reasonable, reliable, and honest.
Patricia Novak
1249 25th Terrace SW
Vero Beach FL 32968
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